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Introducing our new Head of Refurbished, John Löwenadler!

John founded and successfully ran a repair business with 9 stores in Sweden, later acquired by Teknikmagasinet in 2018. Transitioning from business development to category management, he oversaw the used and mobile assortment, excelling in negotiation and supplier relations.

Joining Enter aligns perfectly with John's entrepreneurial background, offering an exciting opportunity to leverage his expertise.

 As Head of Refurbished, John will enhance collaborations, expand supplier networks, optimize back-end capacity, and diversifying our products in the used category.

"With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and experience, I'll contribute both my expertise and drive. Leveraging robust supplier collaborations, we can scale volumes while building a stronger infrastructure. Having built a used business from the ground up before, I bring insights for an efficient and profitable path towards our goals." - John Löwenadler

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